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Receiving the Best Innovation Award from The President of India - Smt. Pratibha Patil in New Delhi

In our country where population is touching 100 crores, the value of sanitary napkins used by women exceeds 1000 crores annually and it is increasing year after year. In India manufacturing of these sanitary napkins is in the hands of very few companies, mostly controlled by multi-nationals. The set of machines used are very expensive, the price of each set running in to crores. Most of the raw materials used are also imported. Even for middle class women, napkins sold in the market are becoming expensive.


While the concept of Ladies Self Help Groups (SHGs) has taken a firm root in our country, it has been observed that hard work is necessary especially in marketing. Failures of SHGs in some areas have also come to light.

For the SHGs, this new invention should be of great help run a successful business, since:

  • The investment is nominal
  • The product price will be affordable
  • The consumer market is huge and is continuously expanding

Quality sanitary napkins at affordable will also find a market among rural and lower middle class women who can discard their traditional method of using unhygienic cloth and switchover to these.

The invention and the Idea.

National award wining New Invention Mini sanitary Napkin making Machine:

Idea in more depth:

After taking four years painful research, A.Muruganantham (46) has designed, created, tested and implemented a sanitary napkin-making machine that operates on a small scale. Contrary to a large-scale production model which requires Rs.3.5 Crores as initial investment,Muruganantham’s sanitary napkin-making machine can be made available to a buyer for approximately Rs.75,000. This allows smaller players to adopt the business model propagated by him, and thus generates more employment and wealth in the most neglected sections of society.

  • More specifically, an empowerment forum – such as a Self Help Group or a women’s group – can invest in a sanitary napkin-making unit to create a business that employs up to ten women.
  • The new invention is capable to make 120 napkins per hour

This new invention mini sanitary napkin making machine awarded the best innovation national award by President of India Prathiba Patil on 18th Nov,09 at New Delhi.


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